Magic Loop, 2023, Seoul, KR

Magic Loop, 2023

14 July — 28 July 2023, Gallery Philosophie, Seoul


Magic Loop (2023) introduces and shares Seohee Kim’s key artistic practice of “clothes making” as a continuation of the performance Magic Loop (2022) held at Gallery Philosophy in the summer of 2022. In order to share the unrefined research process related to practical clothing making, aesthetic taste, and the extension of the act of wearing, the exhibition invites audiences to participate in “clothing making” as collaborators. In a space reminiscent of a showroom, unfinished garments by Sehikyo are displayed alongside tags containing brief descriptions of the clothes. Participants select a garment during their visit and continue the process of clothing making at their workstations, using provided materials to engage in techniques such as hand stitching, patchwork, knitting, and embroidery, excluding cutting. The next participant can build upon the work of the previous one, and non-participating viewers have the opportunity to observe the continuous process of clothing making. Hereby, the exhibition space showcases the evolving garments as participants contribute to their creation.

Seohee Kim investigates the intersection of the fashion industry and our daily lives, exploring how individuals pursue authenticity in society. In an environment driven by media narratives and the pressure to conform to carefully crafted ideals, making independent value judgments is no easy task. Amidst this dissonance, a fundamental question arises: How can we engage in genuine dialogue amidst the multitude of voices? 

While fashion is praised as a strong means of expression that can transcend social norms, it also casts a shadow on our deepest existential motives due to the primal desire to distinguish individual from others. Within this intricate tapestry, authenticity reflects both the ephemeral trends and the ever-evolving dynamism of the fashion world. The values that the public passionately embraces circulate through individual filters and temporarily take the form of individuality. 

Seohee Kim’s exploration is activated at the intersection where the transience of fashion converges with the pursuit of independent choice and sincerity. Incorporating an exploration of the artistic realm to view fashion from a meta-perspective, Seohee Kim intentionally removes the fixed meaning—particularly those commercialised—associated with clothes within the realm of fashion through artistic experimentation and extends the role of clothes by embracing clothes that transform along with the traces of deformation, discolouration, and wear. Additionally, mending embodies a unique complexity rooted in various concepts intertwined between clothes and fashion. The act of repairing and transforming clothes within the artistic practice reflects the courage required to merge one’s thoughts with others and assert authenticity in society. 

Seohee Kim embraces the Do-it-yourself (DIY) approach as an artistic practice, expressing subjectivity and exploring the potential for individuals to embrace their unique perspectives and independent choices through collaborative projects with participants. At the core of this collaborative process lies the blurring of boundaries between host and collaborator in the realm of costume creation and wearing. In doing so, Kim seeks to explore the role of clothing in the fashion industry by continuously questioning the dominant consumer culture surrounding clothing. Through this process, individuals transcend the monotony of conformity, actively explore their identities, and ultimately reflect on the possibility of embracing and sharing their authenticity with clothes at the centre.



















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Graphic Design: Minjong Kim
Photo: Seoyoung Kim
Video: Deokju Kim  

Supported by Gallery Philosophie, Seoul