A travel guide, 2023, Seoul, KR

A travel guide, 2023, Seoul, KR

The Travel Guide (2023), as part of A travel Kit (2021) series is a tool that guides travellers through the afterlife. Hung on A hanger(2023), this tool takes the shape of a grandfather clock and holds a cut-off sleeve. Sleeves are a part of clothing that most closely accompanies the wearer's emotional changes, and wrinkles and frays with the passage of time.

The use of discarded shirts that have lost their original function and purpose emphasises the theme of permanence and the cycle of life and death. Placing the severed sleeve prompts the viewer to contemplate the temporary nature of life and the eternal journey beyond death.


A hanger, 2023
Used buttons, wool, cotton,
used fabric, wood, steel
33 x 2 x 56 cm



A travel guide, 2023
Used buttons, wool, cotton,
used fabric, wooden box
wood, steel
76 x 18 x 50cm


@ The Preview Seongsu by Shinhan card, 2023