Hand in my pocket, 2023, Seoul, KR

Hand in my pocket, 2023

11 March — 12 March 2023, Shop Amomento, Seoul



SEHIKYO's second presentation introduces the 15-minute performance project «Hand in my pocket»(2023).

In a series of research processes from repairs, Sehikyo pays attention to the craftsmanship of the 17th-century European "pocket" being handmade at home and its attributes as an object of emotional attachment that contains the history of wearing. The 15-minute performance «Hand in my pocket»(2023) combines Sehikyo's practice with the exploration of the properties of pockets through "pocket making" made up of the act of hand sewing.


Performers: Gayeon Kim, Hyeonha Nam,
Hyewon Baek, Hyeju Song,
Soobeen Jeon
Sound: Seungtaek Lim
Video: Deokju Kim
Photography: Seoyoung Kim
Proofreading: Haeun Kim
Graphic design: Minjong Kim
Title type: Juan Feng
Body type: Caslon Ionic by Commercial Classics
Supported by Shop Amomento

 Printed matter, Hand in my pocket, 2023




"........Making pockets, which may appear to be static house-hold labour, is, in fact, a very dynamic and proactive—sometimes even combative—performance. I hope everyone finds their own vivid rhythm and melody from creating and carrying pockets!"

Sehikyo, Hand in my pocket, 2023, p.10


You can find the pattern for this patch pocket here which performers used. This pattern can be printed on one sheet of A4 paper.