Swing Sewing, 2023, Tokyo, JPN

Swing Sewing, 2023

26 September — 01 October 2023, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo


This exhibition, which stems from experiences and observations in Tokyo during the hot summer, explores the complex relationship between clothing, boundaries with others, and visual representations of space.


“During my stay in Tokyo, the city's vitality and soaring temperatures left an indelible mark on my body, tanning my skin. When I walked down a crowded street wearing sleeveless clothes, I felt a strange sense of alienation and anxiety. It was a feeling of discomfort that I couldn't exactly define. That subtle sense of discomfort was evident when, while waiting for a bus on the narrow streets of Kichijōji, I realized that everyone in line except me was surrounded by sleeves, scarves, and parasols, carving out their own personal space within the city. From the perspective of an outsider, it was seen as a quiet assertion of their territory and an act for protection and safety from the outside. In order to directly experience the sensation of people under a parasol, I picked up a parasol at a nearby convenience store. In Korean culture, parasols are associated with people who are vulnerable to ultraviolet rays or the middle-aged, so I opened parasols despite the awkwardness. In this seemingly ordinary act of creating my own shadow, I discovered a subtle sense of comfort and stability within myself.”


Based on her experiences in Tokyo, Seohee Kim notes interesting similarities and differences between the fabrics that make up the fabric of personal parasols and the properties of the clothing worn by those holding the parasols. Through her work, she examines the properties of parasols and clothing from a dichotomous perspective centered on the wearer. Parasols physically separate individuals from others without direct skin contact, while clothing adheres closely to the skin and visually differentiates each individual. During her stay in Tokyo, she actively interacted with the locals, and this required learning their language. This practice became a symbolic act of this journey, expanding one’s space to join the shade they create through their parasol, and it became the most powerful way to increase the likelihood of joining their parasol. The act of dismantling clothes to make a parasol visually conveys how the concept of personal space fluctuates depending on proximity to others. She experiments with the fluidity and adaptability of personal boundaries by dismantling the traditional spatial boundaries established by clothing and replacing them with parasols.

The title of the exhibition, ‘Swing Sewing’, reflects the rhythmic image formed by people moving with umbrellas and the shape of the frame moving freely while sewing the canopy of the parasol. In this exhibition, the audience becomes a co-creator and participates in the process of filling the parasol's canopy with pieces of fabric in their own way, contributing to creating an incomplete space together.




































Sound: Jaehyun Kim
Video edit: Seoyoung Kim
Graphic Design: Minjong Kim

Supported by Art Center Ongoing

Seohee Kim(ソヒ・キム)は1991年韓国・ソウル生まれ。2016年にイギリスのロンドン・カレッジ・オブ・ファッションでファッションデザイン学士号を、2018年にはロイヤル・カレッジ・オブ・アートで修士号を取得。現在はソウルを拠点とするファッション研究者・アーティストです。2ヶ月間のOngoing AIRに参加、本展は彼女の成果発表展となります。






今回のOngoing Airは、彼女にとって初めての日本滞在であり、ワークショップとレクチャーなどの活動を通じて地元の人々と積極的に交流し、日本語を学ぶことも率先して実践してきました。この実践は象徴的な行為とも捉えることができ、日傘を通じ彼らの創り出す影に参加するための自分のスペースを拡大し、相手の懐に飛び込む可能性を高める最も力強い方法となりました。今回発表する衣服を解体して作り上げた日傘は、他者に近づくことを通し、個人的な空間の概念がどのように変動するのかを視覚的に訴えかけてくるかのようです。


展覧会のタイトルである「Swing Sewing」は、傘をさして動く人々のリズミカルなイメージと、生地を縫うことで自由自在に動く日傘のシルエットの形を反映しています。伝統的な衣服によって確立された空間の境界を取り崩し、「日傘」で置き換えることによって、個人の境界線の流動性と適応性を検証する参加型プロジェクトにもなっているのです。


Seoheeは、今回の6日間の展示期間中に観客が作品の共同制作者となる状況を用意しました。日本の90年代の空気感そしてDIY精神に惹かれたSeohee Kimと一緒に、未完成の日傘の生地に自分なりの方法で布片をつなげていくプロセスに参加し共に作り上げて行きませんか? ぜひこの機会に、多くの皆様のご来場をお待ちしています。


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