Magic Loop with 見た目, 2023, Tokyo, JPN

Magic Loop, 2023

08 October — 15 October 2023, 見た目(MI-TA-ME), Tokyo


The "Magic Loop: Join the relay" project, initiated in Seoul, is a participatory project engaging the ongoing transformation of the exhibited garments. For two weeks, the garments underwent intricate modifications through the involvement of diverse participants, incorporating personal artistic elements like hand stitching, knitting, and patchwork. The reworked garments were subsequently exhibited and recreated in October 2023 at 見た目 (MI-TA-ME), a Tokyo-based clothing store dedicated to nurturing the DIY culture and supporting underground fashion artists. This intimate collaborative workshop convened participants from diverse backgrounds, including painters, fashion designers, DJs, and illustrators. Their collective efforts enhanced the overall outcome of the project, originally launched in Seoul, by introducing ingenious and distinctive approaches to personalising clothing.







































Photo by Watanabe Miku, Seohee Kim
Supported by 見た目 (mi-ta-me), Tokyo