[Moene Kamiya] The first project with friends, 2024, Tokyo/Seoul

Moene Kamiya, Tokyo


Moene Kamiya, an artist based in Tokyo was an impressive participant in last year's Magic Loop project at 見た目!(MiTaMe!), located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. She visited 'MiTaMe!' with a cute and poetic bag she had reworked and participated in the workshop with a plain but somewhat unexpected stitch that resembled hers.

Moene Kamiya's DIY bag 


At that time, she was studying graphic art at Art University and is currently majoring in painting and printmaking in graduate school. I was immediately fascinated by her plain, unadorned, and pure drawings when she showed her drawings on her phone. During my hectic schedule in Tokyo, I felt like I was taking a break just by looking at her drawings, and the desire to work with her drawings arose.

After the workshop, Moene took the lingering feelings she felt from the workshop home and sewed a piece of fabric to make a light cover and sent it to me.

Photo by Moene Kamiya at her room


By displaying the events of her life through drawing, handcrafting, poetry, prose writing, printmaking, and painting, she explores forgotten things found in her life. Her work comes in unexpected forms, inviting the viewer to connect with an intimate friend who can share their life story.

Photo by Moene Kamiya at MiTaMe!


Photo by Moene Kamiya at MiTaMe!


Photo by Moene Kamiya at MiTaMe!

How I transform from this current self
I’m collecting materials of my own
to communicate but to suffer
All at the same time"
 by Moene Kamiya

Photo by Moene Kamiya at MiTaMe!


She had her solo exhibition at 'MiTaMe!' from March 8th to 25th, and the first work I am showing with her is a T-shirt made by screen-printing 'closed eyes' from one of the drawings shown at 'MiTaMe!'.






This work was one of the drawings she showed me with a shy smile in her studio, and I think it clearly shows the bold yet calm characteristics of her drawings.

I am planning to share clothes made from her drawings in the future. If you want to enjoy the Moene's drawing T-shirt, please find the link below!

[Moene Kamiya] T-shirt screen-printed 'closed eyes'



You can find a diary containing Moene's tranquil thoughts at the link below.

[Moene Kamiya] https://platschute.hatenadiary.com/