The skirt, 2022, Seoul, KR

The skirt, 2022

10 June – 26 June 2022, MMCA Residency Changdong, Seoul 


Project ‘The Skirt’ is an experiment that restricts the wearer to wear only the ‘Skirt’ in the installed space. In order to find the shape of a Skirt in a space where free-form clothes flow, the wearer suggests a new type of ‘Wearing a Skirt’ by re-composing clothes—tying, covering, and combining. Sehikyo designed a room where the wearer was only partially divided from the outside, focusing on the fact that the skirt was one of the oldest forms of space that distinguished him from the outside. In the room, there are eleven clothes with the elements of a ‘Skirt’ partially exposed.









Photo: Subo Hwang 
Wearer: Jangmi Baek
Video: Deokju Kim, Seoyoung Kim


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