Wear Wore Worn, 2021, Seoul, KR

Wear Wore Worn, 2021

 22 May – 06 June 2021 The Reference, Seoul


In Wear Wore Worn, Seohee Kim proposes a new approach to clothes, framing ‘clothing’ as the object of the act of ‘wearing.’

The artist distances clothing from being a consumer good — setting it apart from the fashion industry — and attempt to rediscover its authentic meaning by exploring the concept of ‘wearing’ through ceaseless artistic experimentation and practice.

Throughout her artistic practice, the artist has been committed to sharing diverse cultural values that can be expressed through clothing, while individually exploring the concept of ‘wearing’ within universal yet unconventional boundaries that transcend potential cultural differences. The title of the exhibition, Wear Wore Worn, stems from the process of wearing a piece of clothing, which in a way resembles an act of transformation. ‘Wearing,’ reinterpreted and translated through the passage of time, social and cultural backgrounds, behaviors, attitudes, and personal preferences, is genuinely activated upon the interference of personal perception and creativity.


The Reference
44 Jahamun-ro 24-gil, Jongno-Gu,
Seoul 03042 KR



Installation view
Engaging or pushing out, 2021 
Cotton fabric, wool fabric, cotton thread, shoulder pads, fusing tape
140 x 55 x 120 cm


Kidneys barely holding up, 2021 
Cotton fabric, denim fabric, cotton thread, zipper
52 x 40 x 110 cm


The right to be a top, 2021 
Cotton fabric, coated fabric, padded fabric, cotton thread, zipper
90 x 50 x 233 cm


The dressing room, 2021 
Cotton fabric, wool fabric, steel, velcro, cotton thread
110 x 110 x 190 cm


Storing pieces of stuff in legs, 2021 
Used stockings, cotton fabric, coated fabric, cotton thread
87 x 3 x 152 cm 


Repair collection: The hovering feet, 2021 
Used stockings, lambswool yarn, cotton yarn, cotton thread
10 x 120 cm


Repair collection: The shaking feet, 2021 
Lambs wool yarn, cotton yarn
11 x 2 x 72 cm 


Repair collection: The closed Ankle, 2021 
Lambswool yarn, cotton yarn
6 x 53 cm


Pairing in wearing, 2021 
Lambs wool yarn, cotton yarn
50 x 201 cm


Doing a handstand, 2021 
Cotton fabric, cotton thread
90 x 120 cm